Sisters of the Precious Blood – Client Testimonial

Sisters of the Precious Blood Testimonial - Brady Ware & CompanySr. Nancy Kinross

Vice President
Sisters of the Precious Blood


Business Overview and Background

We Sisters minister where we see needs and are available, which is currently in nine U.S. States and multiple countries in Central and South America. There have been 1,935 members of Sisters of the Precious Blood since our founding in 1834, and 124 Sisters make up our current membership.

Working with Brady Ware

Brady Ware became our auditor in 2000, based on a referral from one of our attorneys. Their work has always been of the highest quality. They also provide management recommendations and help us avoid pitfalls. Our audit presentations are tremendous learning opportunities and we look forward to them each year.


Brady Ware has helped us to clearly connect rules to outcomes. Brady Ware’s dedication to nonprofit organizations, and impact beyond the numbers, is demonstrated by their Take Five conferences. These free workshops have given us information and tools that we use to shape the future of our organization.

The Brady Ware Take Five materials on board governance and how to be an effective board member are the core of our training and documentation processes for some new entities that we are establishing. We would not be nearly as effective in this process without the Brady Ware conferences and materials.


Brady Ware cares about the mission and viability of our organization in a way that goes far beyond their responsibilities as our auditors.


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