RT Dayton – Client Testimonial

Amy Radachi - RT Dayton Client TestimonialAmy Radachi

President & CEO
RT Dayton


Organization overview and background

Rebuilding Together works with low-income, elderly, homeowners in Dayton, Ohio to provide a place of warmth, safety, and independence. Our goal is to allow these homeowners to “age in place.” We accomplish this through a National Rebuilding Day each April that utilizes more than a thousand volunteers and through ongoing volunteer programs that focus on repairs and keeping homes up to code.

Working with Brady Ware

We’ve worked with Brady Ware’s Not-for-Profit team since shortly after I founded the local Rebuilding Together affiliate in 1996. My Brady Ware team really gets us. Our organization is different from most nonprofits in that a lot of our donations are in-kind. “In-kind” means we receive building materials and labor donations in greater amounts than we do cash. Brady Ware has taken the time to understand our unique issues and then applied their expertise to our financial matters.


Brady Ware doesn’t just process our accounting and compliance work. They are a great source of information, and they proactively seek to make us a stronger organization. Recently, they helped us organize our efforts to maximize the amount and impact of planned donor giving.


I enjoy the Brady Ware people, but more importantly, I know we receive the highest quality services from a firm that really cares about our mission and success.


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