Moyer Industries – Client Testimonial

John Moyer, Sr.

Moyer Industries


Business overview and background

We are a family-owned niche construction company and turnkey facilities maintenance provider that ensures that the areas surrounding retailers make a great first impression and are safe for everyone who visits or works in a store. We have been providing our retail customers with high-quality service since before I was born. More recently, we expanded into in-home care for seniors as we saw the need for quality home care in our own family.

Working with Brady Ware

As we began to diversify, our attorney recommended that we add Brady Ware to our team of advisors. Our team at Brady Ware brings a personal touch that is important to a family-owned business. They aren’t just paper pushers; they have become our partners, and we view them as in-house consultants.


Brady Ware saved us a lot of money right away, by reviewing our previous tax returns and claiming refunds that were rightfully ours but had been overlooked by our previous accountants. And they continue to bring new ideas forward to help us prosper.

Brady Ware also shares their network of contacts, even helping us find a new bank that might not have considered us without the Brady Ware connection.


We’ve been with Brady Ware for over eight years, and the honeymoon has never ended. They are just as engaged and proactive as they were when we were first introduced and before they had our business. This experience isn’t common in my experience with service providers, and I don’t think Brady Ware does it any other way.


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