Kelchner Inc. – Client Testimonial

Todd Kelchner - Brady Ware TestiimonialTodd Kelchner

Kelchner Inc.


Business Overview and Background

Kelchner Inc. is a heavy / civil construction and energy field services contractor. We have grown significantly over the last five or six years as we deepened our expertise in energy and industrial projects. Our shift from residential work started in 2006, and our new focus has allowed us to expand throughout the Midwest.

My father founded the company in 1948, and my son is the VP of Operations today. Continuity, along with an eye on the future, has allowed us to become the successful company we are today. We currently have about 200 employees, and we are one of the top twenty excavation companies in the US.

Working with Brady Ware

I’ve had a good relationship with my Brady Ware team from the start. Over the last ten years, I’ve really come to appreciate that they deliver expertise while maintaining a comfortable relationship with us. Most importantly, they proactively inform us of coming changes and opportunities, which has been a big help during our period of rapid expansion.


Brady Ware has become a comprehensive business advisor to our company, but they’re aware enough to realize they can’t always do it on their own. Their network of experts really paid off for us last year. They saw an opportunity for significant tax credits and brought in an outside specialist who helped them produce a large income tax reduction for us.


Our strong relationship with Brady Ware is built on the trust that Kelchner will always receive the best possible advice and that Brady Ware is always looking out for our interests.


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