Jim Taylor’s Troy Ford – Client Testimonial

Jim-TaylorJim Taylor

Dealer Principal
Troy Ford, Inc.

Business Overview and Background

Troy Ford is family owned and community focused. Our priority is customer service and convenience. A lot of dealerships say this, but in 2014 we built a new Service building to back it up. We serve smaller towns, so keeping our customers happy is the best way to ensure positive word of mouth and repeat business.

Working with Brady Ware

We started with a Ford-recommended accountant, but in the mid-80s I heard about Brady Ware’s dealership expertise from some other dealers and moved our business to them. That expertise shows up in our planning sessions, which are not just updates. They use these meetings to drive bottom line profit and minimize our taxes. Together we optimize the current year and lay the groundwork for each coming year.


Our Brady Ware team had a huge impact on our bottom line when we built our new Service building. They conducted a cost segregation study that properly classified all of the new property to correctly accelerate depreciation. Their experience with dealerships allowed us to recognize a return of over ten times the cost of the study in the first year alone.


Brady Ware really listens to us and then uses their dealership expertise to bring solutions that help us achieve our goals. They also do a great job of coordinating business and personal needs.


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