Gaymont Nursing Center – Client Testimonial

Gaymont Nursing Center Testimonial - Brady WareErin Dotson

Director of Nursing
Gaymont Nursing Center




Business overview and background

My father-in-law founded Gaymont in 1961, and it is still privately owned. We value relationships above all else. Our slogan for consumer relationships is “spoil them rotten.”  This sentiment shows in everything from staff interactions to food. Keeping to our motto in the current regulatory and reimbursement environment is tough, but we wouldn’t stay in business if we couldn’t do it right.

Working with Brady Ware

We’ve worked with Brady Ware since 2006. We wanted a partner that also highly values relationships while being open and honest with us. Brady Ware does both. They have a great understanding of the unique financial issues we face, and they clearly communicate complicated issues in a way that allows us to make informed decisions. Their competitive analysis and benchmarking are particularly helpful.


We were about six months away from bankruptcy when we first hired Brady Ware. They took the necessary time to understand our people and issues and then instituted methodical monthly reviews that returned us to profitability. Today we are able to profitably continue our high level of care due to our ongoing relationship with Brady Ware. They even recommended a new therapy provider who improved our consumers’ experiences.

Summary statement

Brady Ware “gets us,” and they are an integral part of our team. Without Brady Ware, I’m not sure we could maintain our high service levels, or even have made it back to profitability.


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