Carroll Electric, Inc. – Client Testimonial

Carroll Electric Brady Ware TestimonialDan Stamper

President and Owner
Carroll Electric

Business overview and background

Carroll Electric started in business in 1969, and we have a lot of long-term, satisfied customers. We provide electrical construction services for commercial, industrial, and institutional customers throughout central Indiana and western Ohio.

Working with Brady Ware

We started working with Brady in 1979. We had outgrown our previous accountant, and our banker recommended Brady Ware as a firm that could meet both our current and future needs. We’ve stayed with them so long because they have taken the time to really understand our issues, some of which are specific to our industry.


Our Brady Ware team sits in on meetings with bonding companies and our bank. These companies know that they can ask Brady Ware questions directly because I’m comfortable having Brady Ware speak on my behalf on a lot of critical issues. Our bonding company in particular appreciates our long-term relationship with Brady Ware because of their industry knowledge and the stability such a relationship demonstrates.


Our relationship with Brady Ware has lasted so long because they have learned about our operations and critical issues. My Brady Ware team is willing to learn as well as teach.


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