Brackney Inc. – Client Testimonial

Mark & Nina Brackney

Brackney Inc.

Business Overview and Background

Brackney Inc. is an underground utility contractor in Brookville, Indiana. We started as a burial vault business in 1975 and used our backhoe to branch into residential work, eventually moving into commercial and highway work in 1980.

Working with Brady Ware

We outgrew our previous accountant when we entered commercial work in 1980. That accountant referred us to Brady Ware as a firm that could handle and contribute to our growth. We had a great gut feeling upon meeting with Brady Ware, and our experience with them has validated that first impression. We have developed a high level of trust in our Brady Ware team over the years. They are responsive, never pushy, and they always deliver on what they say.


Brady Ware helped us get bonded for $12,000 for our first public project and by 1994 we were receiving bonding for $1 million projects. They speak on our behalf with our bankers and together with our bankers handle our bonding company relationships.

More recently, Brady Ware has been instrumental in our succession and estate planning efforts as we work to secure the future of the business for ourselves and our three children who work there.


We have a comfortable relationship with our Brady Ware team. They pursue and deliver excellence. Not only do they deeply understand our business, but they take the time to explain the work they do for us. Brackney Inc. would definitely not be where we are today without our Brady Ware team.


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