Simple Mistakes Can Block Sales

Don’t Let Glaring Mistakes Blind You From Sales

Building traffic is the goal of your marketing and advertising efforts. But what if you aren’t attracting the right kind of buyers? Worse yet, what if you mishandle or turn off the right buyer when they do show up? You can sell more vehicles, and to the right buyers, if you make sure that you avoid the mistakes discussed in Ward’s Auto 5 Glaring Mistakes.

The mistakes covered in the article might seem basic, but you would be surprised how often they occur. Avoid them and you will get the right buyers to visit your dealership, which will dramatically improve your close ratio. Also, take an honest look at your dealership, salespeople, and how you handle inquiries. There’s always room for improvement and this article could point you in the right direction.

If you want to learn how to keep more of those sales dollars in your dealership, contact Sam Agresti, Brady Ware’s Dealership Advisors Team Leader, at or 614.384.8410.

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