Succession Planning

The foresight you need to move forward

Succession PlanningFor many business owners, transitioning a company to a new owner can be one of the toughest challenges they face.

How can you best position your business to sell? How can you ensure its ongoing operational success? If you sell, can you afford to retire? Should you transfer the business to a family member? If so, how can you minimize estate taxes?

At Brady Ware, we help you navigate these challenges and develop a solid plan for business succession—one that addresses ownership succession, management succession, and leadership development, all while meeting your personal retirement goals.

We use a 10-step methodology to guide your exit strategy:

  • Identify your goals as the business owner, including your post-retirement cash needs
  • Prioritize those goals to ensure they are addressed as needed
  • Identify and prepare a management successor
  • Identify an ownership successor, such as a friendly competitor, a private equity firm, or a key employee
  • Identify the best method for transferring ownership, with an accurate business valuation in mind
  • Develop a plan for ownership and management succession, with milestones and measurements built in
  • Integrate your succession plan with your estate plans
  • Develop an implementation strategy to ensure a smooth transition
  • Design a contingency plan
  • Monitor and adjust the plan as needed

We think of succession as a process, not just a plan. We work side by side with you, your family, and your management team, right through the final steps. The end result is a comprehensive succession process that meets your financial, business, and personal goals.

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