Employee Benefit Plan Check-Up

Employee Benefit Plans: Do you know your fiduciary responsibility?

While you may not yet be required to have an Employee Benefit Plan (EBP) audit, your fiduciary responsibility is the same. New fee disclosure regulations and recent court cases make it more important than ever to have an independent review of your company’s plan.

Do you fully understand your fiduciary responsibilities for your company’s EBP plan?

Companies are losing large lawsuits when fiduciary responsibilities are neglected – we can educate you so you can fulfill all of your duties.

Do you know how well your company is operating relative to your plan?

Nearly all of our clients undergoing their first EBP audit have had operational issues that we helped them rectify – we can identify and address your potential issues now.

Our experts can give you all of this information with an Employee Benefit Plan Check-Up that provides the following:

  • Information regarding your complete fiduciary responsibilities
  • A review of your plan documents and a comparison to current plan operations
  • Testing of your current plan operations

Contact us today to schedule your EBP Check-Up or to learn more about the process. We can set your mind at ease and ensure that you are fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities.

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