Employee Benefit Plan Audits

More than Compliance

Employee Benefits Plan Audit - Brady WareYour Employee Benefit Plan (EBP) audit isn’t just a matter of compliance. A quality EBP audit requires a specialized team of experienced professionals, not audit generalists.

Brady Ware established our EBP Audit Services Group niche over 20 years ago. Composed of more than a dozen team members, this group currently audits in excess of 50 EBPs annually in a diverse array of industries. Benefit plans range in size from 150 participants to over 6,000 participants. Our audits have included plans with investments ranging in size from $2,000,000 to nearly $200,000,000.

Our EBP Audit Services Group audits plans of nonprofit organizations, as well as publicly traded and privately held companies. We have performed audits of single employer, multi-employer, defined contribution, defined benefit, health and welfare, and employee stock ownership plans.

What to expect from an Employee Benefit Plan audit

When Brady Ware audits your EBP plan, you receive more than an audited financial statement. Our experienced auditors will also provide comments relating to internal control or other operational issues that may be identified during the audit. We also give feedback on how to address exceptions and improve the operations of your plan. Finally, we will identify any potential issues that might affect the complete fulfillment of your fiduciary responsibilities.

Even if your plan is not currently required to be audited, you still have the same fiduciary responsibilities as with an audited plan. Click here to learn more about these responsibilities and how an EBP Check-Up can improve your plan’s operation and help you fully meet your responsibilities.

We are prepared to help you more broadly by applying our expertise across a wide range of tax and accounting issues as they are identified.

The Brady Ware Employee Benefit Plan Audit Services Group stands ready to handle your compliance work and use their extensive experience and expertise in EBP audits to help you prosper. To learn more, contact us today.

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