State & Local Tax Minimization

In today’s challenging economic times, many companies are looking to reduce expenses and cut costs. With downsizing and the pressure to do more with less, many companies lack the in-house expertise or cannot afford to dedicate staff time to reduce their state and local tax burdens.

In addition, while companies are downsizing, state tax departments are adding audit staff to search for additional tax revenues. Our Big Four experience includes the expertise you need to help minimize your state and local taxes.

All businesses are unique. We review all aspects of your company to customize a state tax minimization plan that fits your needs. We deal with hundreds of middle-market businesses that are often under-served when it comes to state and local tax expertise. We can provide:

  • Refund and overpayment studies – Including income, franchise, personal property, and sales taxes
  • Credits and incentives – Negotiating incentives, finding sources for financing expansions and training costs, and applying for credits
  • Strategic consulting – Business planning, entity structuring, filing options, inventory valuation, and taxability determinations
  • Tax research and audit defense – Research exemptions, relevant court cases, nexus studies, voluntary compliance agreements, and audit defense and representation
  • Co-Sourcing and State Tax Compliance – supplement your current tax staff and assist with state tax compliance for income and personal property taxes

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