Research & Experimentation Tax Credits

Research and Experimentation Tax Credit opportunities can boost your bottom line.

Brady Ware’s expert tax team brings significant experience in identifying business activities that may qualify for the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit. This credit is not a deduction. Instead, the credit is used as an actual reduction of your income tax liability. Our review will ensure that you receive any share of this valuable credit for which you may qualify, thus giving your business a competitive advantage and improving cash flow.

Through a proven and collaborative process, Brady Ware’s tax team will review all aspects of your business to determine which activities qualify for the credit. We can assist your business in either applying for the credit for the first time or maximizing the credit you already receive.

The federal government and many state tax authorities have provided a credit for businesses that invest in research and experimentation. The definition of costs qualifying for the credit is different than what many businesses view as customary research and development activities. Creating new products, developing process changes, and implementing new manufacturing methods are common credit activities.

Brady Ware’s tax team will partner with you to develop a customized approach to your credit study. Examples of our credit services include:

  • Complete credit study
  • Update current year credit activities
  • Review prior year credit calculations
  • Plan for use of future credits

Many common business innovations meet the qualification standards and are eligible for the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit. Our tax professionals have helped many businesses calculate and take advantage of their credit. We can help yours, too.

Contact us to find out if your business qualifies for the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit.

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