Employment Tax Credits

Employment Tax Credits… Increasing Your Bottom Line

Sadly, most federal tax credits available to businesses go unclaimed because of the cost, complexity, and time required to access them. The potential savings simply do not justify the laborious effort involved. But what if your business could hand off the calculation and administration of these federal credits to a trusted business advisor?

A strategic partnership with us allows your company to take advantage of our alliance partner’s technology and its processing center’s years of experience. This list shows only a few of the many sources of unclaimed dollars available to businesses:

  • The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (up to $2,400 for each qualified new hire who is):
    • A qualified food stamp recipient
    • A qualified Aid to Families with Dependent Children recipient
    • A qualified veteran
    • A qualified ex-felon, pardoned, paroled, or work release individual
    • A vocational rehabilitation referral
    • A qualified summer youth employee
    • A qualified Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipient
    • A qualified individual living within an Empowerment Zone or Enterprise Community
  • The Empowerment Zone Tax Credit (up to $3,000 for each employee living and providing services in an Empowerment Zone)
  • The Renewal Community Tax Credit (up to $1,500 for each newly hired or existing employee who lives and works in the Renewal Community)

Our strategic partnership can help you take advantage of these federal tax savings. The administrative process involved is facilitated with these programs at no risk to interested businesses.

Contact us to find out if your business qualifies for these federal tax credits.

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