Cost Segregation Studies

Cost savings may be hiding in plain sight. Our tax accountants reveal them.

Real property represents one of the largest investments your business will ever make. If you’re not handling it correctly from a tax perspective, you could be paying significantly more to the IRS each year than necessary and facing a tighter cash flow as a result.

At Brady Ware, we help large and small companies perform cost segregation studies. In short, we help you identify asset costs—equipment, furniture, and fixtures—that are buried in building costs. Then, we reclassify those assets to the shortest allowable depreciation life, allowing you to maximize your depreciation deduction and lower your taxes.

To do this, our engineering, construction, and tax experts:

  • Analyze architectural drawings, cost information, and invoices for your site
  • Personally visit your site to identify and uncover assets not shown on architectural drawings
  • Perform an engineering review to divide composite systems into their real property and personal property components
  • Reclassify your assets based on the most current IRS rulings and pronouncements
  • Generate the reports and forms you need for tax filing, and we back up our findings in case of an audit

Some tax firms outsource cost segregation work to a specialty firm. At Brady Ware, our experienced, in-house tax accountants will collaborate with you to uncover potential cost savings. When necessary, we partner with one of the country’s leading engineering companies to complete detailed engineering analyses.

We’ve performed hundreds of cost segregation studies over the past 10 years, generating millions of dollars in financial benefits for our clients. We’re often able to reclassify as much as 20% to 55% of building and real estate assets, depending on your facility’s use.

To learn more about how Brady Ware can help you reduce your tax burden through cost segregation, contact:

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