Asset-Based Lending Audits

Protecting the interests of asset-based lenders for nearly 20 years.

Brady Ware Asset-Based Lending AuditsFinancial institutions that make asset-based and inventory-based loans need to know their interests are protected. Brady Ware represents our banking clients in the pre-approval stage by working with their customers to quickly and accurately identify the portion of a company’s assets that can form the basis for loan repayment.

Brady Ware can also act as your auditing arm with clients once you’ve made a loan. We draw on our extensive experience to audit the term sheets of your asset-based lending customers. Our examinations zero in on what is most important to you as a lender, including but not limited to:

  • Adequacy of a company’s financial statements
  • Quality of recordkeeping
  • Accounts receivable
  • Customer concentration
  • Foreign receivables
  • Inventory counts and valuation

We’ve also helped our banking clients refine the tests they use to determine borrower fitness.

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