Construction and Real Estate Services

Building Opportunity Through Construction Accounting and Financial Management

Construction accounting services by Brady WareIt’s no secret that the economy has been tough on construction. Mortgage issues, the credit crunch, and weak lending have severely affected residential and commercial building. In this difficult environment, it’s critical to have an advisor you can trust.

That’s why so many businesses choose Brady Ware for their construction accounting and financial management needs. Brady Ware has more than 50 years of experience working in the construction and real estate industries. We’ve been with our clients through good and bad economic times. We speak the language of contractors, builders, developers, and owners. Our knowledge of the industry helps us anticipate your needs and develop custom solutions to enhance your business.

We help construction and real estate clients with accounting services that:

  • Evaluate potential transactions and perform due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • Structure deals to maximize profit and minimize tax implications
  • Secure financing by serving as an intermediary with lenders and venture capitalists
  • Manage corporate or debt restructuring to generate the best possible results for you

In addition, we link these services with your overall tax, audit, and strategic planning initiatives, which means you realize integrated financial rewards across your business.

To learn more about how Brady Ware’s construction expertise can be a building block for your success, contact:

Dayton, Ohio
Todd Roberts – or 937-223-5247

Columbus, Ohio
Sam Agresti – or 614-885-7407

Richmond, Indiana
Jeff Jackson – or 765-966-0531

Atlanta, Georgia
Tommy Marsh – or 404-257-9475