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SAFE-logoSecure Automotive Financial Environment

About SAFE

Our Dealership fraud and risk management experts have helped numerous dealers uncover the full extent of employee and outside fraud after the fact. But we much prefer to install systems and improve existing controls to deter and prevent fraud before it starts. To that end, we have developed a series of structured risk management tools that address the key components of the dealership financial environment.

We call this system SAFE, or Secure Automotive Financial Environment, because that’s what we want you to have. One of our Dealership Advisors starts the SAFE program by performing an assessment of the entire dealership. Based on the initial findings, we then recommend which areas need improvement in order to lock down your dealership’s finances.

The tools covering the various aspects of your dealership financial environment can be implemented all at once or in a series of steps. SAFE is designed to provide your dealership with flexibility and the power to impact the most important needs first. We have summarized the primary areas covered in the SAFE program to provide insight into our process and our focus.

Banking and Cash

We review this critical area to improve or establish procedures to safeguard cash and to verify the accuracy of transaction classification and recording.

Payables and Receivables

Not only do we address payables fraud, but we also provide recommendations to improve the collection process and lower the average aging of accounts receivable.

Sales and Inventory

Here we focus on the control of existing inventory and the proper recording of transactions for vehicles and the Parts and Service departments.

Accounting Issues / Other

This review includes the accuracy of accounting entries and adjustments, as well as recommendations on processes and required support documentation.

Departmental Reviews

We recognize that F&I and the Body Shop have unique issues. We provide a thorough review of each, including transactions, procedures, and record keeping.


To learn more about Brady Ware’s SAFE program contact Randy Domigan, Certified Fraud Examiner, at 937.913.2514 or Or reach out to Sam Agresti, Dealership Advisors Team Leader, at 614.384.8410 or