Dealership Document Management Solutions

Secure. Reliable. Focused.

BDealership Document Managementrady Ware has partnered with Premier Data Management (PDM) to store and safeguard your dealership’s documents.

PDM is the leading provider of document management solutions solely focused on the automotive industry. They take the hassle of document storage and safeguarding out of the dealer’s hands by securely removing and storing the information in a compliant, secure, and cost-effective manner.

By using PDM’s cloud-based system:

  1. The need for secure, compliant storage space of deal jackets, repair orders, and other non-public personal information is eliminated. No identify theft, no fraud, no credit abuse.

The electronic records management system has been certified by the U.S. Department of Defense to meet its strict security standards for electronic record management.

  1. The cost to pay employees to file these items is eliminated. Those employees can be repurposed to more profitable functions inside the dealership.
  2. No guessing on record retention rules and regulations.
  3. Once the documents are removed from the dealerships, both sides of the documents can then be reviewed in color from any computer with proper access.

PDM offers secure archival and retrieval of your:

  • Sold Deal Jackets
  • Service Repair Orders
  • Car Rental Agreements
  • “Dead Apps” (Web access not available for this service offering.)

PDM’s services include training for your staff, storage folders, secure storage containers, 24-hour web-based access to images of your safeguarded documents and regular pick-ups by our trained couriers in our secured vehicles. All of these services can be fully and easily implemented into your sales and service operations with little or no impact to your existing processes!