Dealership Digital Marketing Solutions

The priority of a solid digital strategy is to boost your website traffic. Increased website traffic translates into a higher quality of engaged shoppers, and more engaged shoppers submit leads, make phone calls, and visit your dealerships. More leads and more visits equate to more sales, and it all starts with web traffic. Not to oversimplify, but there is often an almost perfect correlation between which dealerships had the highest number of visits to their website when compared against units sold.

The pricing culture of dealerships makes it a prime candidate for an aggressive Search Engine Marketing campaign. If your prices are attractive, more shoppers deserve to see them. Monthly maintenance of websites to display current lease/purchase specials is also critical.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Brady Ware will provide SEO services to your dealership. It’s better to coordinate organic search practices through a non-OEM vendor. Our strategy benefits your dealership, not the manufacturer. SEO can be a very effective and cost-efficient means to increase website traffic and avoid boilerplate techniques, both of which give your dealership a competitive edge. Additionally, proper SEO techniques will boost Used Car traffic and sales.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Brady Ware’s strategy is more effective than OEM digital marketing initiatives because it is “dealer-centric” and not “manufacturer-centric.” In addition, Brady Ware can often deliver significant cost savings when managing your digital campaigns compared to other major vendors. We can also align each store’s campaign to avoid interfering with other nearby dealerships in your group.

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