Dealer Warranty Lift

The Problem

Brady Ware Dealer Warranty LiftAuto dealers are forced to discount their warranty parts, and manufacturers typically reimburse you at a rate of cost plus 40%. Additionally, the same can be said for the labor side of the warranty work. Your dealership will often find a discrepancy between the customer pay rate and what you receive for warranty work.

The Opportunity

Over the last several years, 40 states and counting have enacted legislation that entitles dealerships to be reimbursed for warranty work at retail, which is actually the your dealership customer “repair” or “door” rate.

Your dealership can also realize an increase in warranty labor reimbursement to a figure close to or at the customer pay rate.

The Challenges

  • Complexity of State Statutes
  • Manufacturer Protocols
  • Data Acquisition and Processing

Our  Solution

Brady Ware will handle the process with very little effort needed from your dealership.

Software and data management methods will pinpoint the best possible mark-up. Then, we initiate our detailed audit, annotate where appropriate, apply discount and finally, configure the submission package according to factory and state guidelines.

Upon factory approval, the DMS markup can then be modified, and your dealership can immediately and permanently reap the benefits of the additional warranty parts profits.

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