Dealership Consulting Services

Brady Ware has solutions for your dealership’s numerous challenges. From financial analysis tools that allow management to benchmark current and historical financial data to document management solutions and digital marketing strategies that can increase your bottom line, our consulting services can take your dealership to the next level.

Compass Financial Benchmarking

Brady Ware’s Compass is a succinct, high-powered financial analysis tool that helps dealership management make better decisions in less time.

Secure Data Management (PDM)

Brady Ware has partnered with the leading provider of document management solutions solely focused on the automotive industry. Find out more about our Department of Defense-certified electronic records management system.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Increased website traffic translates into a higher quality of engaged shoppers, and more engaged shoppers visit your dealership. More leads and more visits equate to more sales, and it all starts with web traffic. Find out how Brady Ware can improve your digital marketing results!

Dealer Warranty Reimbursement

For years, payment on warranty work has been a point of contention in the dealer-factory relationship. But Brady Ware makes it easy for your dealership to receive the increased warranty reimbursements that are rightfully yours.

Succession and Estate Planning

At some point in your life, your dealership is going is to change hands, and planning ahead is best the way to avoid a painful transition. We’re here to assist your dealership with all succession planning and estate planning needs.

Talent Acquisition Services

In an industry with some of the highest turnover rates, the most successful dealerships are finding ways to strategically target, recruit, engage, and retain top tier talent. Our consultants have developed a recruiting process that significantly increases the likelihood of finding suitable candidates. With deep understanding of the industry and wide network of contacts, we have the resources to fill your staffing needs!

Incentive Consulting

Applying incentives incorrectly can be harmful to your dealership. Underutilizing incentives can be just as detrimental. This is unclaimed money that negatively impacts your dealership. Our auditors know the trends, recognize common mistakes, and make the most out of your available incentives to benefit your dealership.