Dealership Conference 2014

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Jim Ziegler Brady Ware

Many people attended the Dealership Services Conference that Brady Ware sponsored in Columbus, Ohio, on July 25, 2014. Keynote speaker Jim Ziegler (of Ziegler SuperSystems), who is known as the AlphaDawg of auto retail, held court for over two hours. His primary focus was how to increase sales, both through using tight processes and by building a thriving internet presence.

Jim was as entertaining as ever, and attendees overwhelmingly indicated that they were taking away practical, impactful advice that they could use immediately to improve their dealerships.

Another highlight of the conference was the Brady Ware SAFE (Secure Automotive Financial Environment) presentation. This session covered the whys and hows of employee fraud and introduced the highly effective SAFE program that deters and detects fraud in dealerships through the strengthening of key internal controls.

While you may have missed attending the conference and interacting with Jim Ziegler, we have good news for you. Brady Ware recorded the entire conference, and full sessions and extended highlights are available. You can view the finished videos here:

Brady Ware Dealership Services YouTube Channel

To learn more about the Brady Ware Dealership Advisors and how we can help you detect and deter fraud in your dealership, please contact Sam Agresti at or 614-384-8410.