Employee Fraud: Prevention and Remedies

Webinar Description: A review of common fraud areas that occur in closely held businesses, how to prevent them and what your legal remedies are if you are a victim of fraud.

Who Should Attend: Business Owners and CFOs.

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Sources of Capital in Today’s Difficult Credit Environment

Webinar Description: Your bank tells you that they won't lend you any more money (or they want the money back that they have loaned to you). What do you do now? Despite a very difficult credit environment, there are other options to fund your business. Please join us for a discussion of the current state of the credit markets as well as other options for funding the capital needs of your business.

Who Should Attend: Business Owners, Controllers, and CFOs.

Choosing the Right Business Entity

Webinar Description: Should your business be a proprietorship, corporation, partnership, or some other entity? Each form has advantages and disadvantages. Business situations change, and so do tax laws. This time of year may be a good time to review your business's current structure to be sure it is still your best choice.

Who Should Attend: Business Owners, Controllers, and CFOs.