Brady Ware Dealership Conference

Thank you for attending the 2016 Dealership Conference!

Our complimentary dealership conferences are a fast-paced, dealer-issue focused morning. This year’s keynote speaker was Jim Ziegler, the AlphaDawg of the Retail Automotive World.

DS ConfTopic I
Jim Ziegler:
20 Things I Would Change About Your Dealership

Topic II
Jim Ziegler:
The Shape of Things to Come

Additional Topics

Captive Insurance – Customized Risk Management That Makes Good Sense – presented by Brad Stammler of Smith & Leavitt Insurance Services

The True Cost of Google Analytics – presented by Steve White, CEO of Clarivoy

Free web analytics tools, like Google Analytics deliver a substantial amount of information yet lack the substance to actually help optimize media campaigns because the information delivered is not based upon actual offline sales data. Google Analytics give you insights in a vacuum because you are only looking at online conversion activities. This session will detail the information you can and can’t get from Google Analytics. It will also demonstrate how some of our clients have been able to take advantage of the free information Google Analytics provides while broadening the perspective of their analytics to include the influence of online and offline channels prior to that last click.


Is my dealership S.A.F.E.? – presented by Thomas G. Wolf, CPA, Brady Ware

Our Dealership fraud and risk management experts have helped numerous dealers uncover the full extent of employee and outside fraud after the fact. But we much prefer to install systems and improve existing controls to deter and prevent fraud before it starts. To that end, we are presenting a series of structured risk management tools that address the key components of the dealership financial environment. We call this system SAFE, or Secure Automotive Financial Environment because that’s what we want you to have.


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